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Acute effects of The Stick on strength, power, and flexibility [with consumer summary]
Mikesky AE, Bahamonde RE, Stanton K, Alvey T, Fitton T
Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 2002 Aug;16(3):446-450
clinical trial
4/10 [Eligibility criteria: No; Random allocation: Yes; Concealed allocation: No; Baseline comparability: No; Blind subjects: No; Blind therapists: No; Blind assessors: Yes; Adequate follow-up: No; Intention-to-treat analysis: No; Between-group comparisons: Yes; Point estimates and variability: Yes. Note: Eligibility criteria item does not contribute to total score] *This score has been confirmed*

The Stick is a muscle massage device used by athletes, particularly track athletes, to improve performance. The purpose of this project was to assess the acute effects of The Stick on muscle strength, power, and flexibility. Thirty collegiate athletes consented to participate in a 4-week, double-blind study, which consisted of 4 testing sessions (1 familiarization and 3 data collection) scheduled 1 week apart. During each testing session subjects performed 4 measures in the following sequence: hamstring flexibility, vertical jump, flying-start 20-yard dash, and isokinetic knee extension at 90 degrees/s. Two minutes of randomly assigned intervention treatment (visualization (control), mock insensible electrical stimulation (placebo), or massage using The Stick (experimental)) was performed immediately prior to each performance measure. Statistical analyses involved single-factor repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) with Fisher's Least Significant Difference post-hoc test. None of the variables measured showed an acute improvement (p <= 0.05) immediately following treatment with The Stick.

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