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Effect of pelvic floor muscle training on postpartum sexual function and quality of life: a systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials
Hadizadeh-Talasaz Z, Sadeghi R, Khadivzadeh T
Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 2019 Nov;58(6):737-747
systematic review

There are a weakness and laxity in pubourethral and external urethral ligaments during postpartum which has an important role in the females' sexual function and quality of life. Some evidences showed that pelvic floor muscle training can strength pelvic muscles and prevent sexual dysfunction. Therefore, current study aimed to review the effect of pelvic floor exercise on female sexual function and quality of life in the postpartum period. PubMed, CINAHL, Medline, Scopus, Google scholar citations, Persian databases including SID and Iran Medex were searched using MeSH-based keywords to find published articles. Experimental and quasi-experimental studies in Persian and English were included. Data extracted was done in pre-defined checklist by two independent researchers. Risk of bias was assessed using the Cochrane risk of bias tool. Meta-Analysis of the data was carried out by "Comprehensive Meta-analysis Version 2" (CAM). The search resulted in 347 titles and abstracts, which were narrowed down to 12 potentially eligible articles. Pooled standardized differences in means (SMD) of sexual function in both pelvic floor exercise and control group were 0.462 (0.117 to 0.806), p = 0.009. The pooled SMD was 1.294 (0.926 to 1.663), p < 0001 for sexual quality of life. The pooled SMD was 0.232 (0.038 to 0.426), p = 0.019 for general quality of life. Evidences showed that pelvic floor muscle training in primi or multi-parous women can boost sexual function and quality of life in postpartum. Although the majority of studies and the result of meta-analysis reported positive results, more high-quality RCTs are needed in this area. One limitation of our study is significant heterogeneity because of different intervention method.

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