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(High intensity laser therapy for common sports injuries and orthopedic diseases) [Chinese - simplified characters]
Lu T, Ding J, Qian Y, He C, Gao F, Xi R, Zhou J, Kong X
Chinese Journal of Tissue Engineering Research 2019 Jun 8;23(16):2566-2572
systematic review

BACKGROUND: High energy laser therapy has good penetration and high output power, and has broad prospects in the treatment of common orthopedic diseases and common sports injuries, such as degenerative diseases of bone and joints, chronic muscle and soft tissue injuries, and spinal diseases. At present, the clinical application of this therapy lacks a unified standard, and there is a lack of evidence-based medical support in terms of indications, parameters and courses of treatment. Therefore, more randomized controlled studies are needed. OBJECTIVE(S): To provide theoretical and methodological basis for high-energy laser therapy in the treatment of common sports injuries and orthopedic diseases. METHOD(S): Databases of PubMed, CNKI, and WanFang were searched from May July, 2018. The keywords were "high intensity laser therapy, sports injuries, physical therapy, osteoarthritis degenerative disease, chronic muscle soft tissue injury, spinal disease" in English and Chinese, respectively for the articles published from 2010 to 2018. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION(S): (1) Twenty-one eligible articles were included in the study, including diseases such as osteoarticular degenerative diseases, chronic muscle soft tissue injuries, spinal diseases, metabolic diseases, and acute muscle and soft tissue injuries. (2) When dealing with the same disease, the parameters of high energy laser therapy have different choices. The course of the disease, the severity of the condition, and the thickness of the body's blocking tissue may affect the adjustment of the treatment. (3) High energy laser therapy can reduce inflammation, production of painful substances, promote blood circulation and lymph circulation, and repair damaged tendons. High energy laser therapy can cure local bone loss and stimulate new bone formation. The treatment effect on common sports injuries and orthopedic diseases is expected.

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