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Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials on yoga, psychosocial, and mindfulness-based interventions for cancer-related fatigue: what intervention characteristics are related to higher efficacy? [with consumer summary]
Haussmann A, Schmidt ME, Illmann ML, Schroter M, Hielscher T, Cramer H, Maatouk I, Horneber M, Steindorf K
Cancers 2022 Apr;14(8):2016
systematic review

Cancer-related fatigue (CRF) is a burdensome sequela of cancer treatments. Besides exercise, recommended therapies for CRF include yoga, psychosocial, and mindfulness-based interventions. However, interventions conducted vary widely, and not all show a significant effect. This meta-analysis aimed to explore intervention characteristics related to greater reductions in CRF. We included randomized controlled trials published before October 2021. Standardized mean differences were used to assess intervention efficacy for CRF and multimodel inference to explore intervention characteristics associated with higher efficacy. For the meta-analysis, we included 70 interventions (24 yoga interventions, 31 psychosocial interventions, and 15 mindfulness-based interventions) with 6,387 participants. The results showed a significant effect of yoga, psychosocial, and mindfulness-based interventions on CRF but with high heterogeneity between studies. For yoga and mindfulness-based interventions, no particular intervention characteristic was identified to be advantageous for reducing CRF. Regarding psychosocial interventions, a group setting and work on cognition were related to higher intervention effects on CRF. The results of this meta-analysis suggest options to maximize the intervention effects of psychosocial interventions for CRF. The effects of yoga and mindfulness-based interventions for CRF appear to be independent of their design, although the limited number of studies points to the need for further research.

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