Ergonomics and Occupational Health Update

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A systematic review and meta-analysis of workplace intervention strategies to reduce sedentary time in white-collar workers systematic review N/A Select
Back schools for the treatment of chronic low back pain: possibility of benefit but no convincing evidence after 47 years of research -- systematic review and meta-analysis systematic review N/A Select
(Studies on occupational stress intervention in workplaces abroad: a systematic review) [Chinese - simplified characters] systematic review N/A Select
Ten weeks of physical-cognitive-mindfulness training reduces fear-avoidance beliefs about work-related activity: randomized controlled trial clinical trial 8/10 Select
Dry needling of the trapezius muscle in office workers with neck pain: a randomized clinical trial clinical trial 6/10 Select
The effect of a structured personalized ergonomic intervention program for hospital nurses with reported musculoskeletal pain: an assigned randomized control trial clinical trial 5/10 Select
Reduction in sick leave by a workplace educational low back pain intervention: a cluster randomized controlled trial clinical trial 5/10 Select
Work-related low back pain treatment: a randomized controlled trial from Tehran, Iran, comparing multidisciplinary educational program versus physiotherapy education clinical trial 4/10 Select