Ergonomics and Occupational Health Update

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Assessing the impact of online health education interventions from 2010 to 2020: a systematic review of the evidence [with consumer summary] systematic review N/A Select
Describing workplace interventions aimed to improve health of staff in hospital settings -- a systematic review systematic review N/A Select
Intervention of physical exercise in the workplace on work ability, depression, anxiety and job satisfaction in workers with sedentary tasks clinical trial 8/10 Select
A single-center study comparing the effects of thoracic spine manipulation versus mobility exercises in 26 office workers with chronic neck pain: a randomized controlled clinical study clinical trial 6/10 Select
Physiotherapeutic approach in seamstresses with neck pain: a single-blind, randomized clinical trial clinical trial 6/10 Select
The effect of muscle energy technique and posture correction exercises on pain and function in patients with non-specific chronic neck pain having forward head posture -- a randomized controlled trail clinical trial 5/10 Select