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The effects of functional progressive strength and power training in children with unilateral cerebral palsy [with consumer summary] clinical trial 6/10 Select
Low-volume resistance training improves the functional capacity of older individuals with Parkinson's disease clinical trial 6/10 Select
The efficacy of a home treatment program combined with office-based canalith repositioning procedure for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo -- a randomized controlled trial clinical trial 6/10 Select
Metabolic, mental and immunological effects of normoxic and hypoxic training in multiple sclerosis patients: a pilot study clinical trial 6/10 Select
Effects of exergame on patients' balance and upper limb motor function after stroke: a randomized controlled trial clinical trial 5/10 Select
Can behavioral strategies increase physical activity and influence depressive symptoms and quality of life among children with epilepsy? Results of a randomized controlled trial [with consumer summary] clinical trial 5/10 Select
Effects of unstable and stable trunk exercise programs on trunk motor performance, balance and functional mobility in stroke patients clinical trial 5/10 Select
The clinical- and cost-effectiveness of functional electrical stimulation and ankle-foot orthoses for foot drop in multiple sclerosis: a multicentre randomized trial [with consumer summary] clinical trial 5/10 Select