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American Cancer Society head and neck cancer survivorship care guideline practice guideline N/A Select
Massage with or without aromatherapy for symptom relief in people with cancer (Cochrane review) [with consumer summary] systematic review N/A Select
The effect of training during treatment with chemotherapy on muscle strength and endurance capacity: a systematic review systematic review N/A Select
Effects of exercise interventions during different treatments in breast cancer systematic review N/A Select
Randomized controlled pilot trial of mindfulness-based stress reduction for breast and colorectal cancer survivors: effects on cancer-related cognitive impairment [with consumer summary] clinical trial 8/10 Select
Effects of a lifestyle intervention on endothelial function in men on long-term androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer clinical trial 7/10 Select
A randomized controlled bicenter trial of yoga for patients with colorectal cancer clinical trial 6/10 Select
What is the effect of treating secondary lymphedema after breast cancer with complete decongestive physiotherapy when the bandage is replaced with Kinesio Textape? A pilot study clinical trial 6/10 Select
Using perceived self-efficacy to improve fatigue and fatigability in postsurgical lung cancer patients: a pilot randomized controlled trial clinical trial 5/10 Select
Effectiveness of acupuncture in rehabilitation of physical and functional disorders of women undergoing breast cancer surgery clinical trial 5/10 Select
Cost-effectiveness of a behavioral intervention for persistent urinary incontinence in prostate cancer patients clinical trial 5/10 Select
A brief yoga intervention implemented during chemotherapy: a randomized controlled pilot study clinical trial 5/10 Select
Tailoring education to perceived fall risk in hospitalized patients with cancer: a randomized, controlled trial [with consumer summary] clinical trial 4/10 Select
Ultrasonographic evaluation of the effects of progressive resistive exercise in breast cancer-related lymphedema clinical trial 4/10 Select
Feasibility outcomes of a presurgical randomized controlled trial exploring the impact of caloric restriction and increased physical activity versus a wait-list control on tumor characteristics and circulating biomarkers in men electing prostatectomy for prostate cancer clinical trial 3/10 Select
Is referral of postsurgical colorectal cancer survivors to cardiac rehabilitation feasible and acceptable? A pragmatic pilot randomised controlled trial with embedded qualitative study [with consumer summary] clinical trial 2/10 Select