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Evidence-based practice guideline for the management of lymphedema proposed by the Japanese Lymphedema Society practice guideline N/A Select
Systematic review of the effect of aquatic therapeutic exercise in breast cancer survivors systematic review N/A Select
Do patients with prostate cancer benefit from exercise interventions? A systematic review and meta-analysis systematic review N/A Select
Physical therapies for psychosomatic symptoms and quality of life induced by aromatase inhibitors in breast cancer patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis systematic review N/A Select
The clinical value of pulmonary rehabilitation in reducing postoperative complications and mortality of lung cancer resection: a systematic review and meta-analysis systematic review N/A Select
Effectiveness of acupuncture in relieving chemotherapy-induced leukopenia in patients with breast cancer: a systematic review with a meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis systematic review N/A Select
Attention to principles of exercise training: an updated systematic review of randomized controlled trials in cancers other than breast and prostate systematic review N/A Select
A randomized controlled trial of the effect of supervised exercise on functional outcomes in older African American and non-Hispanic White breast cancer survivors: are there racial differences in the effects of exercise on functional outcomes? clinical trial 7/10 Select
Transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation before surgery reduces chronic pain after mastectomy: a randomized clinical trial [with consumer summary] clinical trial 7/10 Select
The effectiveness of Qigong in managing a cluster of symptoms (breathlessness-fatigue-anxiety) in patients with lung cancer: a randomized controlled trial clinical trial 7/10 Select
Rehabilitation for lung cancer patients undergoing surgery: results of the PUREAIR randomized trial [with consumer summary] clinical trial 6/10 Select
Effects of exercise during and after neoadjuvant chemoradiation on symptom burden and quality of life in rectal cancer patients: a phase II randomized controlled trial [with consumer summary] clinical trial 6/10 Select
A pilot study of the effect of a home-based multimodal symptom-management program in children and adolescents undergoing chemotherapy clinical trial 5/10 Select