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Preoperative exercise therapy in surgical care: a scoping review systematic review N/A Select
Rehabilitation following anterior cruciate ligament tears in children: a systematic review systematic review N/A Select
The effectiveness of aquatic exercise in improving lower limb strength in musculoskeletal conditions: a systematic review and meta-analysis systematic review N/A Select
The effects of mirror therapy on pain and motor control of phantom limb in amputees: a systematic review systematic review N/A Select
Does preoperative physiotherapy improve postoperative, patient-based outcomes in older adults who have undergone total knee arthroplasty? A systematic review systematic review N/A Select
Rehabilitation following rotator cuff repair: a systematic review systematic review N/A Select
Quality of life and disability: can they be improved by active postoperative rehabilitation after spinal fusion surgery in patients with spondylolisthesis? A randomised controlled trial with 12-month follow-up clinical trial 8/10 Select
Effektivitat eines zusatzlichen ubungsprogramms in der ersten postoperativen woche nach implantation einer hufttotalendoprothese nach der OCM-methode (modifizierter anterior-lateraler zugangsweg) (Effectiveness of an adjunct training programme in the first post-surgical week following the implantation of a total hip arthroplasty using the OCM technique (modified anterolateral approach)) [German; with consumer summary] clinical trial 6/10 Select
Mirror therapy for distal radial fractures: a pilot randomized controlled study clinical trial 5/10 Select
No difference in long-term development of rotator cuff rupture and muscle volumes in impingement patients with or without decompression clinical trial 5/10 Select
The long-term effect of being treated in a geriatric ward compared to an orthopaedic ward on six measures of free-living physical behavior 4 and 12 months after a hip fracture -- a randomised controlled trial clinical trial 5/10 Select
Effectiveness of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques as compared to traditional strength training in gait training among transtibial amputees clinical trial 1/10 Select