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Exercise, orthoses and splinting for treating Achilles tendinopathy: a systematic review with meta-analysis [with consumer summary] systematic review N/A Select
Does vibration benefit delayed-onset muscle soreness? A meta-analysis and systematic review systematic review N/A Select
Effects of an anteroposterior mobilization of the glenohumeral joint in overhead athletes with chronic shoulder pain: a randomized controlled trial [with consumer summary] clinical trial 8/10 Select
Effects of selective strengthening of tibialis posterior and stretching of iliopsoas on navicular drop, dynamic balance, and lower limb muscle activity in pronated feet: a randomized clinical trial clinical trial 7/10 Select
Effect of compression garments on the development of delayed-onset muscle soreness: a multimodal approach using contrast-enhanced ultrasound and acoustic radiation force impulse elastography clinical trial 6/10 Select
Effectiveness of eccentric exercise and a vibration or cryotherapy program in enhancing rectus abdominis muscle thickness and inter-rectus distance in patients with chronic mid-portion Achilles tendinopathy: a randomized clinical trial clinical trial 6/10 Select
The immediate sensorimotor effects of elbow orthoses in patients with lateral elbow tendinopathy: a prospective crossover study clinical trial 5/10 Select
Influence of high-intensity interval training on ventilatory efficiency in trained athletes [with consumer summary] clinical trial 5/10 Select
Evidence of balance training induced improvement in soccer specific skills in U11 soccer players [with consumer summary] clinical trial 5/10 Select
The effects of different passive static stretching intensities on recovery from unaccustomed eccentric exercise -- a randomized controlled trial clinical trial 5/10 Select