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Benefits of physical training in fibromyalgia and related syndromes
Maquet D, Demoulin C, Croisier JL, Crielaard JM
Annales de Readaptation et de Medecine Physique 2007 Jul;50(6):363-368
systematic review

OBJECTIVE: To review the published information on physical training for fibromyalgia (FM) and related syndromes. METHODS: A search of Medline literature (via Ovid and PubMed) with the following keywords: FM, chronic fatigue syndrome, therapy, rehabilitation, aerobic, exercise, and cognitive behavioral therapy. The reference lists of articles were examined for additional related articles. RESULTS: Several studies investigated the benefits of graded exercise therapy for patients with FM or related syndromes. Although some systematic reviews have not established an unequivocal benefit of physical training, most authors report a benefit for patients with chronic pain or fatigue. Ideally, such a therapy should be a part of multidisciplinary program. Muscular rehabilitation is reserved for preventing the deconditioning syndrome often reported in patients and the vicious cycle of pain, avoidance and inactivity behaviors, or even kinesiophobia, deconditioning, incapacity and psychological distress. CONCLUSION: This review emphasizes the relevance of graded physical training for treating FM and related syndromes. The development of rehabilitation centers, with experts able to propose a relevant therapy to patients with chronic pain or fatigue, should help alleviate this public health problem.

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