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A review of multidisciplinary interventions for fibromyalgia patients: where do we go from here?
Oliver K, Cronan TA, Walen HR
Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain 2001;9(4):63-80
systematic review

OBJECTIVES: This paper reviews multidisciplinary treatment programs designed for people with fibromyalgia (FMS), identifies factors that may be associated with treatment efficacy, and makes recommendations for future FMS interventions. FINDINGS: Most efficacious interventions included physical activity and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Recommendations for future research studies include: (1) the use of aerobic exercise and cognitive-behavioral therapy training in coping skills and relaxation; (2) individualized exercise training: (3) power analysis conducted a priori to determine appropriate sample size: (4) uniformity in outcome measurement and follow-up assessment; and (5) the use of randomized, controlled trials that can lead to stronger conclusions regarding treatment efficacy. CONCLUSIONS: Multidisciplinary treatment programs for FMS patients are generally effective. Researchers should continue to develop multi-disciplinary treatment interventions incorporating the above recommendations.
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