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VA/DoD clinical practice guideline for the management of chronic multisymptom illness (version 2.0)
Hunt S, Ciminera P, Helmer D, Cloherty M, Bacho R, Friedman M, Carroll MB, Goodman F, Cheatham JG, Jensen PK, Cobb AM, Kearney D, Devlin CKB, Meyer C, Gauron MR, Reinhard M, Guadalupe N, Zambrana F, Lewis JD, Mitchell J, Selvester B, Trezvant GA, Vanmoerkerque J, Rodgers E, Sutton R, Degenhardt E, Devlin C, Goodman C, Murphy F, Kleiner H, Rangarao S, Uhl S, d'Anci KE [Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense]
practice guideline

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