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The Saudi Initiative for Asthma -- 2016 update: guidelines for the diagnosis and management of asthma in adults and children
al-Moamary MS, Alhaider SA, Idrees MM, al Ghobain MO, Zeitouni MO, al-Harbi AS, Yousef AA, al-Matar H, Alorainy HS, al-Hajjaj MS [Saudi Initiative for Asthma; Saudi Thoracic Society]
Annals of Thoracic Medicine 2016 Jan-Mar;11(1):3-42
practice guideline

This is an updated guideline for the diagnosis and management of asthma, developed by the Saudi Initiative for Asthma (SINA) group, a subsidiary of the Saudi Thoracic Society. The main objective of SINA is to have guidelines that are up to date, simple to understand and easy to use by nonasthma specialists, including primary care and general practice physicians. SINA approach is mainly based on symptom control and assessment of risk as it is the ultimate goal of treatment. The new SINA guidelines include updates of acute and chronic asthma management, with more emphasis on the use of asthma control in the management of asthma in adults and children, inclusion of a new medication appendix, and keeping consistency on the management at different age groups. The section on asthma in children is rewritten and expanded where the approach is stratified based on the age. The guidelines are constructed based on the available evidence, local literature, and the current situation in Saudi Arabia. There is also an emphasis on patient-doctor partnership in the management that also includes a self-management plan.

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