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VA/DoD clinical practice guideline for the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus in primary care (version 5.0)
Pogach L, Colburn MJA, Aron DC, Atayde ER, Conlin PR, Lugo AM, Falciglia M, McReynolds S, Good CB, Snyder MTL, Julius MM, Steil EN, Khachikian D, Stuffel EP, Pries RM, Thompson GH, Watts SA, Tschanz MP, Watson NA, Rodgers E, Sall JL, Sutton R, Devlin CKB, Stuffel EP, Goodman C, Jones C, Adhikari R, Stettler-Davis N, d'Anci KE, Jue JS, Sullivan NM, Baganizi E, Akinyede O, Erinoff E, Murphy F, McGovern M, Ramanathan A [Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense]
practice guideline

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