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Evidence-based clinical guidelines for multidisciplinary spine care: diagnosis and treatment of low back pain
Chutkan NB, Lipson AC, Lisi AJ, Reinsel TE, Rich RL, Christie SD, Cohen BA, Golish SR, Pekmezci M, Bartynski WS, Dougherty P, Rahmathulla G, Taleghani CK, Trammell T, Brewer RP, Prasad R, Cassidy RC, Enix DE, Robbins DS, Stout AA, Tauzell RA, Baisden J, Bess S, Cheng DS, Provenzano DS, Vorobeychik Y, Annaswamy TM, Hwang SW, Kilincer C, Meagher RJ, Sharma AK, Radcliff KE, Dagenais S, King JA, Park P, Perry DR, Sembrano JN, O'Toole JE, Gulur P [North American Spine Society]
practice guideline

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