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Physical therapist management of total knee arthroplasty
Jette DU, Hunter SJ, Burkett L, Langham B, Logerstedt DS, Piuzzi NS, Poirier NM, Radach LJL, Ritter JE, Scalzitti DA, Stevens-Lapsley JE, Tompkins J, Zeni J Jr, for the American Physical Therapy Association [American Physical Therapy Association]
Physical Therapy 2020 Sep;100(9):1603-1631
practice guideline

A clinical practice guideline on total knee arthroplasty was developed by an American Physical Therapy (APTA) volunteer guideline development group that consisted of physical therapists, an orthopedic surgeon, a nurse, and a consumer. The guideline was based on systematic reviews of current scientific and clinical information and accepted approaches to management of total knee arthroplasty.

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