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Neuromuscular electrical stimulation is effective in strengthening the quadriceps muscle after anterior cruciate ligament surgery systematic review N/A Select
Effectiveness of movement therapy interventions and training modifications for preventing running injuries: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials [with consumer summary] systematic review N/A Select
Systematic review of the effect of taping techniques on patellofemoral pain syndrome systematic review N/A Select
The symptomatic and functional effects of manual physical therapy on plantar heel pain: a systematic review systematic review N/A Select
Clinical benefits of joint mobilisation on ankle sprains: a systematic review and meta-analysis systematic review N/A Select
Open versus closed kinetic chain exercises following an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a systematic review and meta-analysis systematic review N/A Select
Report of the clinical and functional primary outcomes in men of the ACL-SPORTS trial: similar outcomes in men receiving secondary prevention with and without perturbation training 1 and 2 years after ACL reconstruction clinical trial 5/10 Select
Reducing musculoskeletal injury and concussion risk in schoolboy rugby players with a pre-activity movement control exercise programme: a cluster randomised controlled trial [with consumer summary] clinical trial 5/10 Select
The effect of 2 forms of talocrural joint traction on dorsiflexion range of motion and postural control in those with chronic ankle instability clinical trial 5/10 Select
The effectiveness of Pilates for partial anterior cruciate ligament injury clinical trial 4/10 Select
A novel web-support intervention to promote recovery following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a pilot randomised controlled trial clinical trial 3/10 Select